Did You See That? RWBY Volume 6 Episode 6

Those of us who don’t have Rooster Teeth First have finally been able to see the sixth episode of the sixth season of RWBY. This should go without saying, but please don’t post stuff from future episodes.

This was a longer episode, for sure. It was also pretty freaking creepy. The group is depressed and feeling blue about their current situation, but we then learned that it wasn’t just their own feelings. We learned that some idiot had brought Grimm called Apathy into the town and it made me furious. How stupid do you have to be in order to bring Grimm to your home?

Of course, there are a few things I want to talk about. First, Apathy are totally ReDeads from Zelda. They have a paralyzing shriek, and I’m sure if they had had the chance, they would’ve face-humped our heroes. Plus, they look like ReDeads! Convince me otherwise.

The big reveal is something that I have talked about before. The old lady, Maria Calavera, had silver eyes. It’s first hinted when she helps Ruby use her eyes to take out the Apathy, and it is then confirmed at the very end when she tells us. There’s still the theory that Maria’s the Winter maiden out there, do you think that’s true?

I’m really excited for the next episode as it appears we’ll get to learn more about who Maria is. I don’t have any new theories from the episode, but I want to hear if you do.

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