Did You See That? RWBY Volume 6 Episode 7

TVRant RWBY by Tommy Williams

It’s that time for us to talk about the latest episode of RWBY available to people who don’t subscribe to Rooster Teeth First. Please do not post anything from future episodes in the comments.

This episode we learned a bit about our heroes’ new companion Maria. We learned she was once a legendary huntress called the Grim Reaper. That’s a pretty boss name. What’s even cooler is that Qrow modeled his awesome weapon after her. It’s also explained what happened to her eyes. Apparently, the Crocodile from Peter Pan got to her and slashed her eyes. Whoever employed the Croc wanted Maria dead because of her silver eyes, so when the eyes were taken out, Maria wasn’t killed outright which allowed her to kill the Croc. Does that make Maria Hook?

We then finally have team RWBY reunited with team JNR. Turns out Jaune’s sister lives in Anima which I imagine will serve as their base of operations. I think her wife will play a role in everyone getting to Atlas, but I could be wrong.

I’m just waiting for the moment when Oscar and RWBY explain to JNR everything they’ve learned. It doesn’t look like it’s going to go over well with Jaune.

I did also find it interesting how Cinder still seems loyal to Salem, but is looking for loopholes to put an end to Ruby. As I’ve mentioned before, I think Neo is a fun character and I’m excited to see her back, but I’m worried that she’s becoming too much of a second fiddle. I want to see her take more initiative like she did when she tried killing Cinder. I know that’s not the way things are going, but hey, a guy can dream.

Who do you think wanted Maria taken out? One theory is that Salem ordered the hit. While I do agree that this is the most likely scenario, I do wonder if there’s something else at work there. I freaking love Maria and am glad they’ve introduced her. She’s a fun character.

What was your favorite moment? Please remember to not post anything from future episodes in the comments.

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