Did You See That? RWBY Volume 6 Episode 8

It’s that time to talk about the latest free episode of RWBY. We’re talking about episode eight of RWBY’s sixth season, so beware of spoilers. Also, please don’t post anything from future episodes.

We start the episode with Ruby and friends at the military base in Argus, and they are being denied by Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Qrow then mentions Weiss, and the two idiots go grab their commanding officer, Caroline Cordovin, who is totally the Queen of Hearts. Now, many are saying she’s the Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe, and I don’t think they’re wrong, but I think she’s supposed to be more of the QoH. She’s grumpy and grouchy like the QoH and she talks about having a knife to the throat and does the universal sign for “off with their heads” which is QoH’s catchphrase. We know that some characters have bits of multiple characters, but they’re still a primary character. For example, discussing it with some friends we know that Oz is the Wizard with some references to Odin like having two ravens who are his eyes (Qrow and Raven).

Of course, Maria once again solidifies her place as my new favorite character. She made some great jokes about Caroline being her enemy. Maria also had a moment where she was Rafiki from The Lion King as she teaches Ruby about the silver eyes. Ruby talks about using her eyes to obliterate Grim, and Maria smacks her head with her walking stick. At this point, Ruby learns more about the silver eyes, how they’re connected to the God of Light and how they can be used to protect instead of destroy. We also learn that there may be more to Ruby or Cinder since Maria says that the eyes only work on Grim, but Ruby was able to use them on Cinder and it was before Cinder had a Grim arm.

This is also the episode where JNR find out the truth about Salem and Ozpin. Jaune of course does not take the news well. most likely because this means that Pyrrha essentially died for nothing since there’s no way to defeat Salem. He’s not the only one, though, as Nora and Ren are also depressed at the truth. Everyone takes a break for a while, and this is when Maria teaches Ruby. When everyone comes back, we learn that Oscar is missing. After the way that JNR, or at least Jaune, is mistrustful of him, this was not a surprise to me.

One moment that I really enjoyed was when Caroline was rejecting everyone at the base. She looks over at Blake and makes a snide, racist comment, and Weiss stands up for her. Not only is it great to see Weiss stand up for her teammate and friend, she’s rejecting the authority she once held on a pedestal, and she is showing a lot of growth. She used to look down on Fauneus’ as well in the earlier seasons.

I wish that there had been a bit more when Jaune found out the truth about Salem and Oscar. I was waiting for this moment to really pull at the heartstrings with a line such as “She died for nothing!?” but that moment never came. It was a detail I feel would’ve been better served if brought to the foreground. It’s definitely in the background, but I think it robbed the scene of some extra emotional weight.

What did you think of the episode? Please remember to not post anything from future episodes.

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