Did You See That? RWBY Volume 6 Episode 9

We had some time without a new episode of RWBY thanks to the holidays, but it’s back now. That means it is time for us to take a minute to talk about what we saw. Please be kind and don’t post things from future episodes in the comments.


Episode nine of RWBY’s sixth volume was a great character episode and it was better than the last few in my opinion. First, we check in with Emerald and Mercury and we see that they’re not as close as we may have thought in the past. We find out that Mercury just went with Cinder and Emerald because it felt right and that doesn’t sit well with Emerald who deeply cares for Cinder. The two then fight for a bit with Emerald being quite pissed and we find out that Mercury doesn’t have a semblance which certainly adds a level of intrigue to his character and to his dead father. Tyrian then shows up and basically tells the two kids they should “do what [they] love” and we get to see a crazy new mechanical tail that he has. I’m a little surprised it’s not a Grimm tail like Cinder’s arm, but maybe that’s because Salem doesn’t like Tyrian as much as Cinder.

When we cut to our heroes, we focus on team JNR as they’re looking for Oscar. Jaune admits to Ren and Nora that he overreacted to finding out the whole story about Salem and Ozman. Then, he gets to be by himself for a bit as Nora and Ren go to get everyone some coffee to warm up and we have a beautiful moment where Jaune is led to a park across the street and there’s a big statue of Pyrrha in the center. Someone who I can only assume is Pyrrha’s mother shows up with flowers at the statue and she talks to Jaune for a bit and I think it helps Jaune emotionally by a lot in finding peace with Pyrrha’s passing. When Nora and Ren show up, the lady disappears and if the flowers weren’t still there, it’d be easy to write it off as a vision or ghost that Jaune saw. JNR then reconvenes with RWBY and everyone else at Saphron’s place and low and behold, Oscar is there making food for everyone!

Now comes what is possibly the best moment of the episode. Ruby yells at Qrow. Jaune has an idea of getting to Atlas that involves stealing an airship and Qrow’s not hearing it, but Ruby says that they need to do something, and I felt like it was a giant step for Ruby that was waiting to happen. Ruby has looked up to Qrow for so long and idolized him, but over the course of this season, she’s seeing that he is extremely human, and his faults are sometimes too much.

Overall, this was a great episode for growing a lot of characters, and it needed to happen. There wasn’t a lot of action, but I felt like a fair amount happened in this one where I was left feeling partially empty after the last one or two episodes. I’m ready to see what happens next. Please do not post anything from future episodes.

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