Digital Version of GLOOMHAVEN Announces Its First Four Characters

Gloomhaven is a popular tabletop game, and it’s getting a digital adaptation. The digital version looks like it won’t be a full-on digital version of the board game like so many others. Instead, it appears that they’ve taken Gloomhaven and really turned it into a turn-based tactical RPG. This is sure to make things more appealing to fans who have already played the analog version of Isaac Childres’s game.

In the digital Gloomhaven, you control a squad of two to four characters in a mix of dungeon crawling, tactical strategy, and RPG gaming. Players will get access to 17 playable characters, the first four of which have been announced.

Savvas Cragheart

The Cragheart is the one that throws rocks and makes explosions! But it is so much more than that in Gloomhaven.

The Cragheart is one of the most versatile classes in the entirety of Gloomhaven and can play a variety of playstyles — a frontline tank, utility through heals and crowd control, or even an AoE damage dealer. Take advantage of the Cragheart’s flexibility to complement basically any team, but watch out for its AoE skills which are capable of dealing friendly fire damage!

As such a versatile class, capable of so many ways to play, it is perfect for players of any skill level.

Orchid Spellweaver

The Spellweaver is the most well-rounded mage in the game, but at the same time the most complicated of the starting characters. Like the Cragheart, she is very versatile, able to be played as a ranged glass cannon, a support/utility character, or even a mix. She has a low health pool, meaning you always want to keep her far from the fight, but has some key abilities to help with this. She is capable of preventing damage, healing and even summoning minions.

As a high damage character with lots of cool single target and AoE abilities, as well as the capability to heal and support, she works well in any group to round out the team.

Inox Brute

The Brute is your team’s powerhouse. He is a straightforward character that makes him easy to understand and enjoy for any new player. He has a high health pool and massive single target damage which, at later levels, can pierce through armor! This makes him capable of hitting hard, but also have the ability to take heavy hits in return.

With all of these traits added together, they make him an optimal starting character that can be used for taking down even the tankiest of opponents.

Human Scoundrel

The Scoundrel is a guerrilla-style assassin — she gets in range to deal as much damage as possible, then gets out just as quick with stealth abilities. She has super-high damage, but sacrifices defense and utility. She is capable of hitting multiple targets with some of her skills, applying poison to her foes, and assassinating vulnerable targets.

She is straightforward and excels at what she does, making her a solid damage dealing choice for your party. Her looting abilities are also unparalleled, capable of grabbing up gear and gold like no other.

Gloomhaven is being developed by Flaming Fowl Studios and is slated to launch on Steam Early Access this summer!

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