The D&D Series DIMENSION 20 Is Getting Ready to Drop Their Third Season

Dimension 20 is a hit Dungeons & Dragons series on CollegeHumor’s streaming service Dropout, and it’s getting ready to drop its third season. Dimension 20: The Unsleeping City will feature the cast from Fantasy High (the first season) including Brennan Lee Mulligan as the DM with the players being Emily Axford, Ally Beardsley, Brian Murphy, Zac Oyama, Siobhan Thompson, and Lou Wilson. The setting for The Unsleeping City will be New York City, but it will use the trope of a fantasy world being a hidden part of the real world.

One thing that I really appreciate about Dimension 20 is that the seasons don’t take place in your average D&D settings. They have different spins on settings and campaigns that make it stand out more to me than the traditional settings so many other D&D shows and podcasts use. Check out the preview for The Unsleeping City below and be sure to watch it when it premieres on July 9 with new episodes every Tuesday through November 5 for 17 episodes.

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