Director Alan Taylor Discusses THOR: THE DARK WORLD

In a recent interview with Total Film, director Alan Taylor, Chris Hemsworth, and Christopher Eccleston shared some thoughts on Thor: The Dark World. Taylor started off talking about when he first came on to the project, and how the title of the film came about saying,

"When I started this thing, The Avengers hadn't come out and Iron Man 3 hadn't made a billion dollars so the [Marvel] universe was changing as we added ourselves to it, which is daunting in some ways by also exciting to have the momentum. Halfway through shooting, someone at Disney proposed the title The Dark World and that really seemed to confirm the movie we were making and label our tonal intention. So we are the darker chapter, but I think we're doing the right balancing act of remaining within the tone of Marvel to advance that character's story but it also has to fit in because every few years all the characters have to join the party and be in Avengers movies."

Hemsworth chimes in to talk about the bigger universe, 

"Thor's world is colliding with Earth so there's fun to be had with where his responsibilities lie, but this delves into the bigger universe, outside of what happened on Earth with Avengers."

One of the things Thor is going to have to deal with this time around is a new villain named Malekith the Accursed, who is being played by Eccleston. Taylor admits that it was a challenge bringing the villain to life in the film,  

"Finding a way to be a villain in these movies is a really tricky thing. Christopher has been very articulate and useful. There's a default position which is very easy, you cackle madly and laugh! I think we've done a lot of work to make Malekith a three-dimensional character who has an understandable back-story and a motive for what he's doing."
Eccleston goes on to talk about the language of the Dark Elves, and how they basically had to make up a language for them.

"I'm not sure he's absolutely a people person that knows the language has to be spoken! So bringing it to life in a short space of time created some tension, but I think that is a supreme example of Alan trying to ground actors in reality. In an odd way, it may provide these villainous guys some pathos; it may just humanize them."

The director compliments Eccleston, adding,

"There are portions in making all of these movies where you suddenly realize this is ridiculous: 'I'm wearing a rubber suit and I'm speaking Elven! But if you do it with conviction, hopefully you can be full on, and he gave it his all."

He then gives a little information of Makekith's second-in-command, Algrim the Strong, who is played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

"He is transformed into a creature called Kurse. Adewale somehow managed to take this monster and make him sexy. I don't think anyone else in the world could do it, but he did it."

Thor: The Dark World opens up on November 8th! 

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