Director David Leitch Offers a Little Update on The Future of DEADPOOL 3

The future of the Deadpool film franchise remains to be seen after Disney bought Fox, and Marvel got the rights to the character back. We’ve been promised by Marvel and Disney that they will have plans for another R-rated Deadpool film, but we have yet to learn what those plans will be.

When asked about the status of Deadpool 3, the director of the sequel David Leitch offered a little update. It’s not much, but one thing is for sure, he would sure love to direct it! He told CB:

"In everybody's world, everybody wants to make it. So, if I was ever approached to make Deadpool 3, my answer would be, 'Hell yes,' but I think there's a lot of things going on in the shake up with Fox and Disney and where that whole Marvel world after Endgame is gonna be. When the dust settles, let's hope that Deadpoool lives. That's kind of ironic, right?"

He goes on to say that he’s got some ideas that he would love to play with, but of course, he’s not going to reveal them:

"I have a lot of ideas but I'm keeping them close to my vest so, if they ever come and I'm grateful enough for them to call, I can share all my crazy ideas."

I’m pretty confident that we’ll see Deadpool 3 get made. I just don’t know when it will happen or how it will fit in with the MCU. I really do hope that the character will be a part of the fourth phase of the MCU, which will be announced at Comic-Con next week. We’ll just have to wait and see!

When the movie does get made, I’d love to see Leitch come back to helm it! What would you like to see in a third Deadpool movie?

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