Director Danny Boyle is Wanted For BOND 25

It looks like the producers have their sights set on director Danny Boyle to helm Bond 25! According to Variety, no offer has been made yet, but “Boyle has keen interest in the project and has always wanted to direct a Bond film.” Apparently, MGM has also been keen on getting Boyle on board a 007 film for years. It seems like the stars are aligning to make this happen.

Boyle, who has directed Trainspotting, 128 Hours, Sunshine, and Slumdog Millionaire, is a great choice to take on James Bond! If Christopher Nolan isn’t interested in doing it, Boyle is perfect. I’ve always thought that it would be cool to see him make a Bond movie, and now there’s a chance it might actually happen!

Boyle is developing another project at the moment, but there’s no cast attached to it and it can easily be pushed back to make room for Bond 25 if he needs to. 

Daniel Craig is set to reprise his role again, which was a big surprise to a lot of fans, especially after all the negative stuff he said about not wanting to play the character again. I was kind of hoping for a new actor to take on James Bond, but if Boyle ends up directing Craig in the film, it could turn out pretty awesome.

What do you all think about the possibility of Boyle directing Bond 25?

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