Director Matthew Vaughn Shares Details on What His SUPERMAN Movie Would Have Been


Matthew Vaughn was one of the directors that Warner Bros. met with to possibly take on the sequel to Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. While Snyder brought a more gritty and dark vibe to the character, Vaughn was looking to change that and take the sequel in a completely different direction and pretty much reboot the franchise.

Vaughn and Mark Millar ended up pitching a Superman trilogy to the studio and it has been described as "massive, uplifting, hopeful". Vaughn revealed some details regarding his vision for Superman during an interview with Polygon.

Vaughn revealed that the “first film in the proposed trilogy was meant to take place almost entirely on Krypton, and focus on Jor-El and the impending explosion of Krypton. Though the alien planet would still face destruction, Vaughn and Millar’s take would have the event take place much later in the timeline, allowing Superman to grow up on his home planet and gradually become familiar with Earth, maturing into an adult before having to reckon with his loyalty to both planets.”

That definitely would have been an interesting and unique take on Superman’s origin. Obviously it would have completely changed Superman’s original origin story and it’s not hard to imagine fans lashing out online about how much they hate the idea. It’s not hard to understand why Warner Bros. and DC ended up passing on the concept.

While it’s not a concept that I really care for, it would be interesting to know how the story for the trilogy would have played out. When previously talking about Superman, Vaughn said "I just don’t feel a proper Superman—I think Donner did it to perfection for that time. Just doing the modern—I wanna do a modern version of the Donner [version]. Go back to the source material… For me Superman is color, feel-good, heroic. He’s a beacon of light in darkness. And that’s what I think Superman should be.”

What do you all think about Vaughn’s very different take on Superman?

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