Director Patty Jenkins Is Not Currently Signed On For WONDER WOMAN 2

A casual mistake by THR earlier this week has led to the widespread reporting that Patty Jenkins is signed on for the sequel of Wonder Woman. THR corrected themselves and said that Jenkins has not as of yet signed a deal to direct Wonder Woman 2. Most likely, that means Jenkins is in for a big payday if Warner Bros decides to keep the director on for the second film.

You would have to imagine they would, considering Wonder Woman has been the highest acclaimed DC film that has been released in a long time. Still, there's a chance that the deal could fall through and Wonder Woman 2 would still move forward with Gal Gadot (who is under contract still) and a new director. 

It's worth mentioning that Jenkins' deal is not unusual, as Warner Bros typically only offers a one movie contract to directors when it is their first time directing a blockbuster motion picture. Do you think Jenkins is vital to the success of Wonder Woman? 

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