Director Says JURASSIC WORLD 2 Will Be "Way Bigger" Than the First Film

J.A. Bayona is assuring us that Jurassic World 2 will be "way bigger" than the first movie. Slashfilm reports that Bayona said the following about the second film in the new trilogy...

"I think what is tricky about doing the fifth movie of a franchise is how will you bring in new stuff and still pay tribute to what we all know and the legacy of the film. So, it’s the balance between the new stuff and the old stuff. I think Colin did a great job in the first one finding the balance between what people are expecting and what people are being again. I was kind of surprised when he pitched me the story because it leads the story to a place that we’ve never seen before and it brings some of the most important elements from the other films and makes something with them. I thought that was very interesting. It’s the second chapter of a trilogy so it gets the story to a place that wants you leaving more and more."

Bayona has said this film will be notably darker than the last ones, but I'm curious as to exactly "where" this new film will take us. What I would love to see (although I'm not holding my breath) is Jurassic Park in an environment that isn't confined to a remote island! I'm not quite sure how you take the dinosaurs off the island after the numerous accidents the park has had, but these characters don't seem all that bright anyway considering how many times they've reopened this park only to have people killed. 

What elements from the other films do you think will be addressed that haven't already been covered in Jurassic World? Forgive me for saying it because I love the films... but it's not like this franchise is incredibly deep. Dinosaurs, jungles, and attacks... What more is there to add? 

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