Director Uwe Boll Gets Crazy and Goes Off on Dwayne Johnson's RAMPAGE Movie and Threatens to Sue

Uwe Boll, the filmmaker who has brought us a slew of films that a lot of people think are terrible such as BloodRayne, In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, Far Cry, House of the Dead, and more, is completely pissed off at Dwayne Johnson's big screen adaptation of the classic video game Rampage. He's so raging mad that he is threatening to sue Warner Bros. 

So, why is Uwe Boll so pissed off? Because he also made a movie called Rampage. It has nothing to do with this movie, but the fact that it has the same title has made him go crazy!

Boll then went on to go off on this whole thing in more detail on his official website, where he pretty much went on a raging rant, saying:

"We are living now in a world where Independent Movies are dead and the big players only are making all the money. That they then use developed brands and ideas from established series such as my Rampage films in order to make even more money is unfair but typical. The new RAMPAGE movie will shrink my brand and my revenues I can make in the future with my RAMPAGE movies. It also confuses the audience!
"I want that WARNERS change the title, especially because the new movie has nothing to do with a RAMPAGE and looks more like Jumanji 2 and is one of those typical feelgood, popcorn bullshit movies that the studios use to brainwash America even more! All these kind of movies including Transformers, Avengers are helping the military industrial complex in America to win and have retards like Trump be American President who would say that the earth is flat as soon they think they can benefit from this!"

Wow! That's Uwe Bool for you. Obviously, the filmmaker is not aware of the fact that this new Dwayne Johnson movie is based on a video game that came out before his Rampage movie did. And has he not seen the trailer? The movie features three giant creatures rampaging through a city!

Boll also had some nasty things to say about Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One:

Boll comes off as being a very disgruntled individual. Whether you like his films or not, you have to admit, he's had the opportunity to make a lot of them! I don't know how or why, but there's obviously a market out there for his movies. This whole Rampage rant is absurd though, and even if he does sue, Warner Bros. will win.

You can't make a movie based on a classic video game called Rampage and not name it Rampage. I'm sure most audiences in the world haven't even heard of Uwe Boll's Rampage movie. What do you think of his little rant?

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