Directors Disclose That Deleted AVENGERS: ENDGAME Scene Saw Thor and Valkyrie Almost Kiss

thor and valkyrie.png

Before I jump in, just to be safe, I should disclose that this deleted scene is rolled up in a scene toward the end of the movie, so in case you STILL haven’t seen it:


In a recent interview on Entertainment Weekly's Sirius XM radio show, Joe and Anthony Russo were asked if there were any scenes in particular that were deleted that they were bummed about, and they talked a bit about the scene where Thor gives over the rulership of Asgard to Valkyrie.

In an ad-libbed scene between Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie, Thor has already said he is going to be going off on his own and is leaving Valkyrie to rule over their people. Then, Valkyrie puts her hand on Thor’s arm, and Thor goes in for a kiss. Valkyrie backs off and asks what he thinks he’s doing. He explains that he thought she was giving him a sign, and she says it was just a “goodbye pat.”

It got cut as they were trying to trim the fat anywhere possible, but I bet it would have been a hilarious scene! I love both Thor and Valkyrie, and I hope we get to see them in another film together in the future. And hopefully this scene is in the deleted scenes!

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