Disney Animation Style X-Men Portrait Art

Art DisneyX-Men by Bryam Dayley

So, as we've seen with Big Hero Six, mixing an animated Disney movie with a Marvel property is a genius move. Well, Randy Bishop has gone the extra mile by drawing several X-Men character portraits in a Disney Animation style. We've shown his art before when he drew Captain America and Bucky as Disney characters.

I personally think the art is amazing, as Randy manages to really show great personality in each of the X-men and makes them all look different from one another without just relying on their different costumes. One issue I have with modern-day heroes is they all look similar but in different costumes, but Mr. Bishop's art manages to truly capture unique characters that all have unique looks. 

My personal favorites are Gambit and Kitty Pryde. He hits a lot of them. Check out several of them below, and see more of his art on his Facebook page.

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