Disney Can Actually Adapt Patton Oswalt's Epic MARVEL and STAR WARS Crossover Movie Concept

Remember that time when Patton Oswalt pitched an insane Marvel and Star Wars crossover movie idea during his epic filibuster moment from Parks and Recreation back in 2013? We've already seen it brought to life in animated form, but now that Disney owns Marvel, Star Wars, and the X-Men franchise, they could actually adapt this idea into a feature film... if they wanted to. 

The big idea was pitched during a time when Star Wars: The Force Awakens was in development and it was entirely improvised. It was quite the mind-blowing idea as several characters from the Star Wars, The Avengers, and The X-Men universes collide thanks to Thanos' Reality Gem.

Yeah, I know this will never happen, but the possibility is really there now if Disney ever wanted to make it happen. 

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