Disney Gains Control of INDIANA JONES Franchise!

When Disney bought Lucasfilm, Indiana Jones wasn't included in the package at the time. Paramount Pictures owned part of the rights to it. It's now been announced that Disney reached a deal with Paramount for the future of the Indiana Jones franchise that gives Disney control over all future films! It looks like more Indiana Jones films are on the way! 

According to a statement made by the studio, the way the deal works is that Paramount will retain the rights to the first four Indiana Jones movies, and they will "will receive a financial participation on any future films that are produced and released."

Now Disney really does have complete control of the Lucasfilm kingdom, and they are sure to run with it. I wonder how many more Indiana Jones films we'll see in the future. 

There was a recent rumor saying that Harrison Ford had a few stipulations that had to be met for him to return as Han Solo in Star Wars Episode VII. Apparently one of those stipulations included assurances that progress would be made on Indiana Jones 5. Well, progress has been made, and Disney is sure to start preparing for a new adventure! 

Hopefully they do something better than that last Indiana Jones film. That is still such a disappointment. I actually hope they just pretend that movie didn't happen. 

Via: THR

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