DISNEY INFINITY 2.0 - A Character Wish List...and Beyond!

Disney and Marvel recently announced that the Avengers would be joining the Disney Infinity roster. Not only that, but the toy box creation game will also see a heavy influence in the form of playsets, with things like Stark Tower, Asgard, etc, all available for your imaginative perusal.

I’m beyond excited to see Marvel brought into the fun and weird world of Infinity, and while having the Avengers is great (seriously, I am not complaining one bit), here is a rundown of other things I would love to see infused into the Disney Infinity 2.0 edition down the road.

1. The X-Men

The Mutants known as the X-Men cover enough ground to be their own expansion pack down the line, if along with the team you would also get access to sentinels, the X-mansion, utopia, Magneto and the brotherhood as extra villains, etc. They could even put a very cutesy version of the Hellfire Club in there, what with them being kids and all. I'm not sure if that’s going to make the cut, but hey, it's worth a look. Being able to build my very own X-mansion complete with a crazy customized Danger Room that other players can run through as an obstacle course to challenge the best times is all the motivation I need to create.

2. Oliver and Company

Oliver and Company is among my favorite Disney films of all time, and sorely underrepresented in just about any media outside of the movie itself. The grungy art style from the movies would be a fun alternative to the more polished areas that abound in Infinity, and the piece de resistance (if it could be managed) would be to have that wonderful soundtrack playing while racing with Dodger on a hotdog cart.

Pardon me for a moment,  "Why should I worry?!” hmm hm hmm hm, hm, hm, hmm

3. Maleficent

Disney is all about synergy, so it bears to stand that the evilest lady of them all will get her own figure at least, if not a playset to go with. I want those evil otherworldly branches for my danger room.

The thing is while I was working on this post they actually teased Ms. Evil Horns appearance in the Disney Infinity U, which confirms the fortune telling powers I've been crowing about for years now, so whoop there it is!

While I possibly have powers of future sight, all my references tend to be from the late eighties or early nineties, so sorry about that in advance. 

4. A Knight in Camelot

HaHa, just kidding. I love Whoopi, but no.

5. Aladdin  

How this doesn’t have a set already is beyond me, but the world of Agrabah is so beautiful and stunning that it has to be recreated at some point. Throw in Genie, a magic carpet, the Cave of Wonders as a fully explorable area, and a Gilbert Godfried voiced Iago, and you got yourself a best seller.

Yeah, maybe nix the Iago thing.

6. Star Wars

You knew it was making the list. This is so much a no-brainer that I almost didn’t put it on the list, but it still deserves some love. You can already access a lightsaber as a weapon in Disney Infinity, but I want the Deathstar! I want Tie Fighters! I want the world! HAHAHAHAHA (Evil laugh sound while I stroke my evil grinning cat.)

Yeah, that old reference thing is annoying, right?

7. Atlantis

It should be quickly noted that while going through Disney’s vast library, I realized the amount of movies Lindsay Lohan was in is unreal. That girl put in work is all I’m saying.

Sorry, lost focus.

Atlantis was my favorite of the mid-90’s to mid-2000’s Disney Movies that no one seemed to care about, and I've always felt it was severely underrated. The animation was fantastic, the characters were all charming, and the art department was allowed to really flex their muscles on the project. Being able to use the inventive structures and vehicles along with having the chance to create vast cities under the seas would be an imaginative addition to Disney Infinity's creative arsenal. 

8. An Angels in the Outfield Christopher Lloyd

C’mon, that would be fantastic and you know it. Plus, it allowed me to use this gif.

9. Herbie

I must have Herbie to cart me around my custom X-Mansion. It just won’t work any other way. Not the new Herbie though, the old Herbie, and yes, it does make a difference.

10. The Muppets

Because no Disney Infinity world is complete without a Bunsen and Beaker contained within it. Also if their road trip bus, complete with "Rainbow Connection" blasting in the background, was available, my childhood memories would thank you. The playsets should include the Muppet's Theater, and the sheer amount of character additions it would allow would be worth it alone. 

11. A Brave Little Toaster figure

I don't know if I want the creepy air condition unit in Disney Infinity, but I want the Brave Little Toaster, because he's adorable, and toasted Pop Tarts rule.

12. Narnia

Having this fantasy world full of warring armies of Light and Dark opens up many opportunities that some of the other worlds don't quite offer. Creating your own fortress with armies made up of Minotars, Mice, Centaurs, Eagles, main man Aslan, etc, could be incredibly cool. 

13. The Santa Clause

Stay with me here. Disney Infinity already has the Nightmare Before Christmas world represented, but darkness always needs light for balance, and what better light to have than Tim Allen's Santa Claus and his Christmas bandwagon? Including this movie would open all kinds of holiday assets to play with, and building your own warped version of the North Pole could lead to some wonderfully weird results. 

14. Winnie the Pooh and Friends

The inclusion of these characters is still one of my most fond memories from Kingdom Hearts, which alone will probably get me some eye rolls, but the game truly captured the fun loving and sweet nature of the residents of the 100 acre wood. Using the characters alone would be a boon, but throwing the storybook stylized elements into the toy box could compliment their other playsets, such as Monster's University, quite well.

Winnie the Pooh needs a giant honey pot for his vehicle. It could then turn into a giant mechanized honey pot ala Sweet Tooth, when he gets mad.

Right? I know, I'm ahead of my time. 

15. The house from Up

Because going about your day is instantly made memorable when you see a house attached to loads of balloons flying across the sky. 

16. Wall-E

Wall-E and Eve need their own little place in Infinity. Eve could bring her attitude and her cannon arm to the festivities, while Wall-E brings his adorableness (is that word?) and has the ability to launch cubes of trash at his opponents. Instant fun for everyone!

Alright, that's my piece. Let us know what worlds and stories you would like to see coming down the pike from Disney Infinity in the comments below.

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