DISNEY INFINITY: 2.0 Edition Introducing Marvel to the Mix

Disney Interactive released a new trailer today announcing what everyone figured was coming down the pike, though no one knew when. Disney Infinity is bringing on the heroes from its own Marvel stable of characters. While it’s not a surprise, it is very much welcome, as I have been on the fence when it comes to buying a starter pack for Infinity.  Now with Marvel officially in the fold, my money is as good as spent. All we have is the admittedly fun little trailer of Captain America’s shield making the rounds through the land of Infinity, but while we wait on some additional info, here are my picks for the initial wave of figures and sets. First though, here's the trailer.

Individual Figures

Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Falcon, Dr.Doom


Stark Tower and the Daily Bugle

Any other characters you'd like to see? 

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