Disney Is Developing a Live-Action Prince Charming Movie

So instead of making an awesome new sequel to Tron, Disney has opted to make a live-action film about Prince Charming. Really?! Disney has enjoyed the success of reimagining their fairy tales in live-action for the big screen, most recently with Cinderella, but a film about Prince Charming? Ugh.

According to Variety, the studio acquired a spec called Prince Charming, which is described as "a live-action comedy revolving around the iconic character." Sources say the "point of view isn’t that of the prince himself but of his brother who never lived up to the family name."

The script for the film is being written by Matt Fogel, and there are no other details other than what I've already given. 

I don't know about you, but I would much rather see Disney make Tron 3. I don't understand how they could cancel something like that, and then move forward on something like this. Tron is such a freakin' cool franchise. Prince Charming is not cool.

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