Disney is in Talks to Purchase WarnerMedia's Share of Hulu

Disney is continuing its pursuit for world conquest. Recent reports indicate that the acquisition of 21st Century Fox will most likely finish during the first half of March, and now Disney is looking to gain more control over Hulu. As it currently stands, Disney owns 30% of Hulu, 21st Century Fox owns 30%, Comcast/NBCUniversal owns 30%, and WarnerMedia (owned by AT&T) owns 10%. After the Fox acquisition, Disney will own 60% and now they’re talking about buying out WarnerMedia’s stake. WarnerMedia has previously talked about selling its 10%, and now it looks like the House of Mouse is looking to take advantage of that.

AT&T is looking to sell its 10% since it’s planning on launching its own streaming service at the end of this year. That isn’t stopping Disney though as they’re launching Disney+ later this year. My guess is that they want control of Hulu for more of their content (and soon to be acquired content) geared for older audiences such as Deadpool. The catch is that AT&T is sure to know how important their 10% is to Disney, so I’m sure they’ll get a nice sum of money.

Via: Variety

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