Disney Is Reviving Lucasfilm Games and May Take Back the STAR WARS License from EA

Update: Disney has reached out to outlets clarifying that Lucasfilm Games has existed to help manage licensing for games. They have no intention of developing games in-house and still plan on working with EA. (Via: IGN)

Original Story: Apparently, Disney is looking at reviving Lucasfilm Games. There are currently seven job listings for the studio that seem to suggest maybe they aren’t designing games, but a screencap from LinkedIn shows that in 2017 there was at least interest in bringing on a Lead Game Designer (via PC Gamer). Couple that with a report from GamesRadar, and we might be seeing a (hopefully) glorious rebirth.

The GR report indicates that neither Disney nor EA are happy with the deal that gave EA the licensing rights for Star Wars video games, and fans are very unhappy about it too.

Over the course of six years, we’ve only received two non-mobile games, and they’re not even original. With everyone being unhappy and Disney seemingly rebirthing Lucasfilm Games, there’s definitely a strong possibility that Disney is planning to take back the Star Wars license.

The question is, would they develop them at Lucasfilm Games, or simply have Lucasfilm Games be more of a production house?

Are you excited to hear that Lucasfilm Games might be revived? What would you like to see them do?

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