Disney Is Rumored to Be Looking to Buy Spider-Man Back From Sony Pictures for Marvel Studios

When Disney Studios and Sony Pictures split up on Spider-Man fans were furious, but they were also joking around about how Disney should just buy the rights to Spider-Man back from Sony. Well, after Disney and Sony worked out their differences and made a new deal to work together with Marvel Studios on Spider-Man again, there’s a new report that has surfaced saying that Disney is actually considering buying the rights to Spider-Man back.

This rumor comes from Geekosity’s Mikey Sutton, who has a solid track record for finding and sharing information about Marvel and DC movies. I actually came across the new on Yahoo. Regardless, we’ll still treat this as a rumor for now.

This is what was reported:

SCOOP – 10/9/19: Disney wants to buy Spider-Man.

While rumors have circulated before the Sony-Disney dispute of such a purchase, it was mere speculation, especially the erroneous high number that was quoted. What I’m hearing is that Disney is looking to offer in the range of $4 to $5 billion for Spider-Man. But now the questions will be asked.

Four to five billion dollars for Spider-Man?! That’s a lot of money, but if there’s any truth to this report, Disney and Marvel obviously have big plans for Spider-Man’s future. With the character being a part of the MCU and having a big place at Marvel Land at the Disney theme parks, it makes sense for them to at least try to get the rights to the character back.

The big question is… if they made Sony an offer like that, would Sony take it? I don’t think they would because they know they could make a lot more money with these characters over time. But you can’t blame Disney for wanting to try!

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