Disney Officially Announces The Main Cast of Guy Ritchie's ALADDIN

During the D23 Expo this weekend, Disney officially announced the three main cast member for Guy Ritchie's Live-Action adaptation of Aladdin. They've confirmed that Will Smith will play Genie, Naomi Scott (Power Rangers) will take in the role of Jasmine, and after the recently rumored news that Disney couldn't find an actor to play Aladdin, they announced that he will be played by newcomer Mena Massoud.

I'm not really familiar with Massoud's previous work. This is definitely his biggest role to date and if he was cast in the role it means that he impressed the hell out of the development team. It'll be fun to see him bring this character to life. As for Scott, it seems like she'll be a great fit for Jasmine. Then, of course, there's Will Smith, who I think is actually going to be great as Genie. The guy has the acting range to effectively pull it off. Yeah, he's no Robin Williams, but I think he'll do the character justice. 

Ritchie will direct the film from a script written by John August (Big Fish). It's going to interesting to see what Ritchie does with this film, especially with his signature style of filmmaking.

What do you think of who they've ended up casting in the film?

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