Disney Set to Adapt Novel DEAR SWEET PEA by Julie Murphy into a Disney Channel Film

Disney has bought the rights to the book Dear Sweet Pea by New York Times bestselling author, Julie Murphy, who also wrote the book Dumplin’, which was made into the Netflix movie of the same name that starred Danielle Macdonald and Jennifer Aniston. This new story will be made into a Disney Channel movie, and here is the synopsis:

Dear Sweet Pea takes place in the colorful small town of Valentine, Texas (Murphy is a Texas native) and follows 13-year-old Patricia “Sweet Pea” DiMarco whose life begins to change when her parents announce they’re divorcing and her father is moving to a nearly identical house two doors down the street. When her next-door neighbor, a famed local advice columnist, heads out of town, Sweet Pea is tasked with collecting her mail. When one letter catches her eye, she starts to answer the letters on the down low — even though they are meant for her neighbor’s column. These events forever change the lives of the many readers of the advice column as well as Sweet Pea’s family, friends and her own life. As a result, she learns things she never knew about the people in her life.

This sounds like a sweet story and one that I could enjoy alongside my kids. I look forward to checking it out. Does it sound like a story you’d like?

via: Deadline

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