Disney Struggling with Releasing CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 against BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN

Even though Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is confident enough in Captain America 3 to release it against Batman Vs. Superman, Disney is struggling with the idea. Feige says they won't budge, and it doesn't look like Warner Bros. is changing their release date any time soon. It's a very intense game of chicken, but Disney is starting to show signs of backing down.

Variety reporter Brent Lang tweeted a statement by Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn:

"We'll see. We're struggling with it" Alan Horn on #CaptainAmerica3 debuting against #BatmanvsSuperman

Sounds to me like they might back out. Can you blame them, though? With the success of Captain America: The Winter Solider, the next Cap movie is a huge deal for them. It's hard to tell if it will effect the outcome, but I'd like to think it wouldn't. As a fan of these franchises I'd just go and watch both of them back-to-back in the same day or at least the same weekend. I understand not everyone is as hardcore a fan as me, but I do assume that all those people who want to watch these two movies will eventually go and see them both after they are released. If the studio does decide to move the release date, I'd understand and wouldn't think any less of Marvel. They are still going to release a kick-ass movie regardless. 

As of right now, both films are slated for release on May 6th, 2016. Let's see how this game of release date chicken plays out. 

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