Disney Wants Chris Pratt as the New INDIANA JONES

Photoshop art by  Rahzzah

Photoshop art by Rahzzah

This is something fans have been wondering about since Guardians of the Galaxy debuted, but now it's more than just speculation: Deadline is reporting that Disney "has set its sights" on Chris Pratt to play Indiana Jones in a "revival" of the franchise. Whether that means a complete reboot or a sequel with flashbacks (to allow Harrison Ford one more appearance as the famed archaeologist) remains to be seen, and the outlet cautions that things are still very early in the process right now.

Pratt, who became famous for his hilarious work on Parks and Recreation, has become a huge star in the wake of Guardians of the Galaxy. He has Jurassic World coming up this summer, and has lined up a Guardians sequel and The Magnificent Seven remake opposite Denzel Washington. Fans have already been teased with the idea of Pratt as Indy when a fan-made Photoshop piece made the rounds last year, and it appears that Disney saw how well everyone took to the concept and is now eyeing the young actor to follow in Ford's footsteps.

We really don't even need to have the conversation about whether or not Disney should recast Indiana Jones, because it's inevitable. The studio spent a lot of money for Lucasfilm and all of the properties that came with it, and if you think that they're going to leave money on the table when they could be making boatloads of it with a new Indiana Jones movie, you're delusional. We've already seen how things turned out when Paramount brought Ford back for a new adventure a few years ago (ugh), so hopefully Disney goes the Star Wars route on this and gives the property to a young filmmaker who was influenced by the original movies and allows him or her to play in that sandbox. If someone has to replace Ford as Indy, Pratt seems like as good a choice as any.

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