Disney's LILO & STITCH is Getting a Live-Action Adaptation

We’ve got some big news from Disney! The 2002 animated sci-fi adventure film Lilo & Stitch is getting a live-action adaptation! I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise because they are adapting all of their animated films into live-action movies. Lilo & Stitch is one that just never really crossed my mind. However, it’s the most exciting one for me!

I loved the original Lilo & Stitch movie! It’s was an absolute blast and I especially liked the Hawaiian setting for an alien invasion adventure story that revolved around the bond between a young human girl named Lilo and a dog-like alien named Stitch, who is engineered to be a force of destruction. In their journey they are hunted down by aliens and social workers. But the heart of the story lies in the bond of family.

The studio has hired an up-and-coming screenwriter Mike Van Waes to pen the script for the remake that will be produced by Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich who are also working on the director Guy Ritchie’s live-action remake of Aladdin.

I assume that this is going to be a live-action/CG hybrid film. But, we don’t know if this is going to get a theatrical release or a Disney streaming service release. Regardless, I’m excited about this movie and I can’t wait to see how the story will be brought to life with today’s technology.

Disney has seen a lot of success with the live-action remakes of their classic film and they are also currently working on Dumbo, The Lion King, Aladdin, The Sword in the Stone, The Little Mermaid, Lady and The Tramp, and more.

What do you think about Lilo & Stitch getting a live-action adaptation?

Source: THR

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