Disturbing and Intense Fan-Made Joker Short Film — THE LAUGHING MAN

If you're a fan of The Joker, you have to watch this incredibly well-made fan film called The Laughing Man. It comes from the Hallivis Brothers, who previously directed a sci-fi action film called Shifter that we posted a couple years ago. They did an awesome job with this Joker film and it offers us a unique and intense take on the character. Here's the synopsis that came along with the video:

The Laughing Man references Scott Snyder’s “Death of the Family” Batman comic and takes place in a psychiatric facility where a new, unidentified arrival is being questioned. Viewers are taken on a tense excursion into brutal, bloody territory as the dialogue unfurls into a high-stakes role reversal.

The guy they got to play the Joker in this short is pretty terrifying and he does a great job bringing this iconic character to life in this story. This is a dark and disturbing film and it's probably NSFW. The short grabbed me from the very beginning and I was completely engulfed in the story until the very end. I hope you all enjoy it.

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