DMs Guild Is Having a Sale on Some DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Supplement Bundles for a Good Cause

DMs Guild is currently running a promotion where select bundles are heavily discounted and all proceeds go to RAINN. RAINN is the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network and does a lot to help fight sexual violence and aid victims. So, why not help a noble cause?

There are five bundles available as well as a page where you can simply donate money to the organization. Here are the bundles:

  • RAINN: Folk Heroes - $24.99 for $95+ of content

    • This bundle features several adventures for players between levels 1 and 10.

  • RAINN: Explorer’s Pack - $14.99 for $60 of content

    • Features new classes, feats, spells, and more. Includes the College of the Opera subclass for bards, the Hag patron for Warlocks, the Reflectionist class, and a lot more.

  • RAINN: Benevolent DM Kit - $14.99 for $63+ of content

    • As the name suggests, this bundle contains a multitude of tools for Dungeon Masters to use including new items and monsters.

  • RAINN: Starter Kit - $9.99 for $49+ of content

    • This bundle features a number of adventures designed for beginner players.

  • RAINN: Epic Heroes - $9.99 for $48+ of content

    • If you’re looking for adventures for higher level players, this is the bundle for you. The adventures tend to be geared more towards levels 11-20.

These bundles look to have some amazing content. Might as well pick up some great items and help a good cause.

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