DndDice.com Lets You Build Custom Dice Sets and More


If you’re looking for some new dice, you may want to check out what DndDice.com has to offer. They have some really cool looking dice that range in materials and styles to include normal plastic and also metal dice. You can buy the dice in sets, individually, or in a custom “build your own set” option. Some of my favorites include the Dragon Black & Red, Steampunk Clockwork, Dwarven Beige, and Classic Elven Cobalt.

If you don’t need your traditional dice, DndDice.com also have dice bags available, cheaters dice, 24-sided dice, 30-sided dice, and even 60-sided dice for when you feel really crazy. The best part in my opinion is that the prices aren’t as ridiculous as I see at some places.

Which sets do you think look the coolest?

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