Do Leaked AVENGERS: ENDGAME LEGO Sets and Other Toys Give Us Clues about the Film?


UPDATE: We have been informed that these are unlicensed, knockoff “LEGO” sets, so they likely bear little relation to the film, but feel free to continue to speculate in the comments anyway.

LEGO sets and action figures aren't exactly the Rosetta Stone of movie spoilers, but some leaked images of Avengers: Endgame tie-in merchandise can give us a ton to speculate about. What follows is definitely speculation, but I'm going to throw out a little spoiler warning anyway:


Comic Book Movie got their hands on a ton of images of Avengers: Endgame toys and LEGO sets, so let’s look at what this may all mean. First, LEGO released some minifigs that seem to indicate there are multiple Iron Man suits in this one (including the suitcase suit from Iron Man 2 and the “Bones” suit from Iron Man 3), so maybe Tony will employ his full arsenal of suits again? I know he blew them all up at the end of Iron Man 3, but he totally would have built 100 more of them by now. There are also minfigs (and one microfig!) of Iron Man, Thor, and teeny tiny Ant-Man wearing matching suits, the suits that everyone is like 98-and-3/4-percent sure are Quantum Realm suits, so the thing that everyone has guessed is going to happen is almost definitely going to happen.

In addition! There is a photo of a playset called “Embattle in New York” (that is clearly an odd translation) that looks a bit like the Battle of New York, only Dr. Strange and and Spider-Man and Thanos are also there, so that is interesting. I mean, I know Thanos is all about zero population growth, so he would not mind civilian casualties, but I don’t know if tactically New York is the best spot to make your last stand.

Finally, a slew of action figures raise questions, like “What’s up with those weird things on their hands?” and “It’s cool if Valkyrie is back, but when did Tessa Thompson find the time to film this?” Other action figures let us know the Chitauri are back (like you’ve always wanted), Rocket Raccoon is probably suiting up for the Quantum Realm, Ronin has a cool mask, Black Widow’s hair got really long and changed color, and Pepper Potts is suiting up as Rescue. But will we finally find out why they so lovingly framed her extra ear piercings in Infinity War? She didn’t have them in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and they don’t appear to be Gwyneth Paltrow’s usual look, so why did she have them? Will they be important??? (You guys, they drove me so crazy. They were the only thing I could look at her entire scene in Infinity War, which was not hard because they were practically centered in the frame.)

I am very much looking forward to watching this movie and just finding out the answers instead of sifting through all these clues. The sifting is pretty fun, though, so check out these pictures and speculate away!

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