Do You Remember These Animated Shows From the 90s?


Normally, when I do these lists of shows that my friends don’t seem to remember, I have a specific era and channel. This time, I only have an era: the 90s. I don’t have a channel because I don’t think these all aired on the same channels across the country. I want to say that for me, they all aired on UPN, but when I check Wikipedia, all three of these shows just say the original network was “First-run syndication.”

Mighty Max

Mighty Max is probably the most common of the three shows on the list. A young boy with a magic cap teams up with a giant sword-wielding guy, and a talking bird to save the world. It was awesome! For the longest time I thought I was crazy since I hadn’t really run into anyone that remembered it, but then a coworker was getting rid of some SNES games and there was a Mighty Max game in the pile. You can bet I grabbed it and relaxed at the fact that now I had irrefutable proof that the show existed at some point.

The show itself lasted for two seasons which is not bad, and Max was voiced by freaking Rob Paulsen with Skullmaster having Tim Curry’s voice! Max is definitely the reason I loved wearing my caps to the side as a child, by the way.

Mummies Alive!

Mummies Alive! is almost like if you combine Yu-Gi-Oh! and Gargoyles. A young boy awakens ancient Egyptian powers and ancient warriors coming back to life to save the world. Yup, definitely sounds like it could be some weird offspring of the two shows. I remember this being such an awesome show though. I loved how each mummy had a unique personality and animal spirit that gave them powers (maybe we need to throw Power Rangers into that mix). It ran for 42 episodes which is impressive considering it was all one season. What makes it really stand out is that the writers were the head writers from the third season of Gargoyles! It’s a shame it had low ratings that resulted in its cancelation.

Double Dragon

I have never heard anyone besides me and my brother refer to Double Dragon outside of the video game that it was based on. Billy and Jimmy are the main characters and are separated at birth leading to Jimmy starting out as a bad guy before Billy reforms him. It was pretty cool, especially since they had some magic swords and daggers that let them do some cool stuff like get some armor and shoot fire. I do remember them getting some cool side characters too such as Blaster and Vortex.

My main concern is how it held up over the years. Of these three shows, this is the one I’m most worried, would end up being utter garbage if I went back and watched it.


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