Doctor Doom Could Be a Woman in FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot

Cosplayer:  Constantine  Photography:   JwaiDesign

Cosplayer: Constantine Photography: JwaiDesign

Director Josh Trank and Fox are still in the process of casting the main characters for their reboot of Fantastic Four. As of right now, Michael B. Jordan is attached as Johnny Storm and Miles Teller will most likely end up in the role of Reed Richards. THR is now reporting that Kate Mara and Emmy Rossum have tested for the part of Sue Storm. The report also says that an actor named Christian Cook has tested for Ben Grimm, a.k.a. The Thing. I have no idea who he is, though. But this is the interesting part of the article!

Buried in the article is a quote that says Doctor Doom could actually be played by a woman, which would be incredibly interesting. This is the statement,

"The studio is likely to go for a big name and isn’t ruling out switching genders for the role."

The thing I'm most looking forward about this news is what the fan reaction will be if the studio actually does cast a woman in the role. I personally don't care because I never really found the villain that interesting anyway. Making the villain a woman will definitely turn some heads though.

We also previously posted a leaked plot synopsis for the movie. You won't be able to read it at this point because the Fox legal team made us take it down, which only tells me that the story and character details we posted were in fact true.

Via: THR

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