DOCTOR STRANGE - 10 Easter Eggs and References You Missed in the Trailer

That first Doctor Strange trailer that Marvel released completely overwhelmed me with excitement and happiness. It looked better than I thought it would. Since I've been at CinemaCon I haven't had the time to watch it multiple times to try and see what secrets lie within the trailer. Thankfully, Mr. Sunday Movies has released a video that offers us ten Easter eggs, references, and other things that you may have missed. The video is definitely worth watching if you really want to dive into the trailer and start picking it apart. The video came with the following note:

The first Doctor Strange trailer is here! And with it comes all sorts of Easter Eggs, References, story details and yellow texts and red arrows. We get hints at his origin story, the accident that leaves his hands like a box of broken matches and his travels around the world in search of a fix.

The plot will then shift focus to Stephen Strange’s meeting of The Ancient One and Baron Mordo, classic Doctor Strange characters. We also get Easter Eggs and hints towards some of the magical items he employs (though nothing concrete at this point in time from the trailer) and his powers including astral projection when he gets literally punched from his body. That must be terrifying.

We’re not closer to find out who Mads Mikkelsen's character is also, obviously evil but apart from that Marvel have been very vague about his involvement. And of course we get that classic Doctor Strange location, the Sanctum Sanctorum that we’ve seen a lot of in the promo materials. All this and more is broken down in this video! Huzzah. Thanks for watching!

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