DOCTOR STRANGE Trailer Recreated Using Retro 1978 TV Movie

Marvel’s upcoming Doctor Strange film isn’t the first film about the Sorcerer Supreme. In 1978 there was a TV movie that starred Peter Hooten in the lead role. It’s such an awesomely terrible movie that you should watch one day just to say you’ve seen it. Anyway, YouTube user Darth Blender made a psychedelic mashup trailer for the original film using the audio from the first trailer for the upcoming movie. The result is pure magic. 

You are certainly aware of the upcoming movie with Cumberbatch leading Dr. Stephen Strange’s role. But in the 70’s culture was far more dizzy – as well of music and movies! The 1978 version made for TV brings us this story about a psychiatrist that becomes the new Sorcerer Supreme of the Earth in order to battle an evil Sorceress from the past.
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