DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special: Tense Clip with Santa Claus

I've never thought of the season finale of Doctor Who as the end cap of a season. To me, that's the Christmas special. In this clip from the upcoming Christmas special Santa Claus and his elves are talking to Clara when they get interrupted by the Doctor. Santa Claus and the Doctor share a tense exchange about tangerines. Yes, tangerines. Peter Capaldi is able to turn even a simple conversation into something full of tension.

In other Doctor Who news, Steven Moffat is still head writer and showrunner for season 9. With Moffat getting increasingly busy with other projects, it seems like the reins need to be handed over at some point. Some speculate that executive producer Brian Minchin could be the next to run Who. I love what Moffat has been able to do, but someone with new ideas could be a welcome change.

H/T: io9

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