DOCTOR WHO Comic-Con Teaser and Full Panel

Yesterday Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat and series stars Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, and Michelle Gomez took the stage at San Diego Comic-Con’s Hall H to talk about the wonderful and terrible things that happened in season eight and tease the wonderful and terrible things that will happen in season nine, which premieres on September 19. It looks like it is going to be great. You can watch the season nine teaser trailer that was shown to attendees below. 

But before we get into that, I want to address some “controversial” comments about whether Moffat thinks a woman will ever play the Doctor. After making it clear that the role is filled, so the point is mostly academic right now, Moffat said,

"Well, I think my opinion is fairly obvious from the show, isn't it? What I think about the possibility, and whether it would work or not? I think I've expressed myself about as clearly as I could, in the context of the show. If you're not reading the subtext, then I'll lend you. But believe me, some people aren't reading that subtext, 'cause it's too subtle."

Vulture reported that Moffat said that a woman can never be the Doctor. I have written on this site that Moffat is a little bit sexist, and I stand by that, but he absolutely did not say that the Doctor can never regenerate as a woman. In fact, his words mean the opposite. Moffat was sitting next to Michelle Gomez, who is playing Missy, aka the Master, a previously male Time Lord who recently regenerated as a woman. Moffat’s admittedly somewhat cryptic comments can only mean that he is open to a female Doctor at some point in the future.

Moving on.

A lot of the panel actually focused on the relationship between the Doctor and Missy/The Master with a huge focus on the fact that they are not enemies, with Moffat saying, “They are friends. They aren’t enemies at all. She’s not his archemnemy at all. It’s a friendship between a vegetarian and a hunter.”

Gomez added, “We both do the same thing, we both kill a lot of people. He feels bad about it, I don’t. She also said, "If you really break it down, it’s just this great friendship that really went wrong… And it’s her life’s purpose to chase the Doctor and say, ‘No you started it! I’m right.’”

Missy is obviously going to play a big role in the upcoming season, and things seem interesting. I know there are divergent opinions on Missy, but Gomez has been fantastic, and it sounds like they are exploring new facets of the Master’s personality. Moffat said, “She has to come at it from a different angle, which is kind of surprising and exciting to play as well, there’s a slightly different dynamic to her…” And later he said, “The way Missy comes back into the Doctor’s life is something you’re not going to predict. She’s just as violent and psychopathic as well.”

Gomez described Missy’s perfect day this way: “Starting with some tea, maybe a croissant, and then slapping Wonder Woman in the face…”

Clara and The Doctor will be very much in sync this year after the uncertainty of their relationship last season. “They throw themselves recklessly into the pursuit of adventure,” said somebody.

The final tidbit that you’re going to be happy about is Moffat’s response to a fan question about the probably never going to happen Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover episode. First Capladi was asked how the Doctor would react, and he said, “More cleverly.” Then Moffat said the whole thing would be a fight over billing, which, obviously. But then he said that contrary to belief, he is not opposed to a crossover. “I’m a tart. I’d do anything for a laugh.”

Completely undiscussed by the panel is the actress who pops up at the end of the teaser. It’s Maisie Williams, and she seems to play someone the Doctor already knows. Speculate away in the comments. 

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