DOCTOR WHO Reimagined as an Animated Disney Movie

I'm pretty sure that most of you Doctor Who fans are going to get a kick out of this illustration that reimagines all thirteen Doctors in the style of Disney animated movie characters. The piece was created by Stephen Byrne, and it comes with the amazingly fantastic tag line, "She wished for a prince, she got thirteen." 

There were a few complaints from some of the hardcore Doctor Who fans regarding this piece on his Facebook page, but Byrne released a humorous response to all those people who are looking to find faults in his work:

"I would like to thank the people who took the time to point out some errors in my recent ‘Disney Doctor Who’ post. It has been rightfully brought to my attention that ‘some of the designs aren't exactly....Up to par....2 and 4 are too short’ and ‘6 looks like a looks like clown, 2 looks like a dwarf, 4 looks like he is sick with some sort of bad cold, 1 looks creepy, and 11 has eyebrows!’. A theme emerged - ‘2 and 4 are too short.'

"Well, I’ve had a look back over the art in question, and the situation is far worse than I imagined. Indeed, some of the heights of the characters are factually inaccurate, but it doesn’t stop there. Upon closer inspection, I realised that I had accidentally exaggerated facial features and poses and mistakenly made choices about character and costume designs. I somehow used a bright saturated color palette that does not exist in reality, and (in some instances) just plain used creative license with zero regards for the consequences. Worse still, to my dismay - 'THERE IS A ROSE ON DAVIDSON INSTEAD OF A CELERY STICK?!???!', as one viewer put it. It turns out even the font was made up.

"Thankfully there is still time to remedy this mistake. Please see below the original version and the updated correct version. Thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow. "

I love this guy's sense of humor. He then posted for the following update as a joke:

Thanks to io9 for the tip!