DOCTOR WHO Will Not Have a Christmas Special For The First Time in 13 Years

TV Doctor Who by Joey Paur

Ever since Doctor Who relaunched in 2005 there has been a Christmas Special for the fans. Well, for the first time in 13 years there will not be a Christmas Special.

It’s kind of a bummer because I was looking forward to seeing what Jodie Whittaker’s Christmas adventure would be as the 13th Doctor. According to Mirror, the reason there will be no Christmas Special is because “bosses claimed they had ‘run out’ of Yuletide storylines following 13 years of making them.”

But, there will be a hour-long New Years Special that will “run at New Year with a storyline that relates to the arrival of 2019.” According to the report, the decision to shift the special from Christmas to New Year came from showrunner and writer Chris Chibnall.

An inside source said, “BBC bosses have already made the bold move of shifting the entire series from Saturday to Sunday nights so they won’t be scared about moving the festive special from Christmas to New Year.”

Some of the past Christmas Specials episodes have included killer snowmen, evil robot Santas and even homicidal angels aboard the Titanic. Even Steven Moffat perviously suggested that the Christmas episodes were getting hard to do.

“I sort of think we might have mined, and possibly over mined, every single thing we could about Christmas in Doctor Who and the last time we more or less ignored it.”

I just have to say that if the creative team is really running out of ideas for Christmas stories, maybe they need a new creative team. This is Doctor Who! The possibilities for Christmas stories are endless!

What do you think about the Doctor Who creative team running out of Christmas story ideas? That doesn’t bode well for the series if they can’t come up with anymore Doctor Who episodes!

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