DOCTOR WHO's Daleks Invade in This Poster by Orlando Arocena

Doctor Who fans know that the Daleks have been causing problems for the Doctor since (almost) the beginning. No matter what he does, whether it is outwitting them, helping them, or wiping them all out in a massive double genocide, he cannot seem to be shot of them. Just as well for us, because it’s always fun to see the Doctor interact with the hate-filled alien cyborgs. Remember the jammie dodger escape? That was good. 

Last year, Orlando Arocena created a poster paying tribute to the villains, and now he has put out another very limited edition of the work, this time printed on foil. Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 Foil looks great, but unfortunately, it's already sold out. But if you like his style you can check out his store or follow him on Twitter to see more of his work.

Thanks to Blurppy.

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