Don Cheadle Hints at War Machine's Fate in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR

The trailers for Captain America: Civil War include a scene in which War Machine gets shot out of the sky and Iron Man holds his limp body in his arms. Naturally, this moment has caused many to think that the character will be one of the Avengers who are rumored to die in the film. Actor Don Cheadle is very aware of this, and he tells the NYDN (via ScreenCrush) that he's keeping up with the fan chatter about it online:

I’m on Twitter, so I’ve gotten a few people going, ‘Rhodey better not be dead, son. I’m going to be so mad.’ Or ‘I’m done with this thing if Rhodey’s dead.’ But that’s cool, I like that people get so upset about it. I like that in a Marvel movie people are able to evoke such emotion…It does look bad for Rhodey.

The thing about Marvel movies is that, much like the comics, death doesn't seem to be as permanent as it is for us in the real world. It started with Agent Coulson in The Avengers, who was brought back for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., continued with the Nick Fury fake-out in The Winter Soldier, and even stretched to Loki in Thor: The Dark World before we saw he survived the events of that film and disguised himself as Odin. So even if Rhodey dies, which I'm not certain that he will, it seems likely we'll see him again at some point down the line.

I actually think that because he's featured in the trailer like that, it actually means that his death would be far too obvious to happen like that in Civil War. Why would the studio blow such a big moment like that? I think Rhodey gets roughed up, but doesn't die, and Marvel Studios just capitalized on the footage they had to add a sense of upped stakes and big consequences to the trailers.

What do you think? Is Rhodey going to make it out of Civil War alive?

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