Don Cheadle Says War Machine's Role in CIVIL WAR is Intense and Pivotal

Outside of the Iron Man movies, War Machine hasn’t really played a big part in the MCU. He did play a role in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but it was pretty small in comparison to everything else that was going on. It sounds like that’s all going to change with Captain America: Civil War. According to Don Cheadle, James Rhodes a.k.a. War Machine will have a more significant role this time out. While talking to SuperHeroHype, the actor said:

“I never know what it’s going to be and they keep their cards very close to their breast with Marvel. I never know where the character’s going to go, but he’s become more and more and in the next one, you’ll see that what happens to Rhodey is a little bit more intense and pivotal to what happens in the rest of the stories.”

There have been some internet rumors that (possible spoiler alert ahead) the character could die, which I don’t think will happen. But that certainly would be a pivotal and intense event. We’ve seen in the trailer that he does get hurt bad, we just don’t know exactly how bad yet. The actor goes on to talk about his experience of working on these films:

“I ultimately like it when we’re there and I’m working with other actors and it’s fun, but it can be very tedious. A lot of time you’re looking at a green screen and a tennis ball on a C-stand, and it couldn’t be more antithetical to doing what Miles Ahead [his Sundance movie] was, but you just give over to the elements and go, ‘Oh these are the toys and I’m playing with the biggest and best toys’ and we’re flying around and doing stuff that if I was ten years old, I would be having the greatest time in my life.”

Cheadle has been awesome as War Machine, and I hope to see his character continue to grow in the MCU. Only time will tell. Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6th, 2016.

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