Donal Logue Offered Harvey Bullock, Not Jim Gordon, in GOTHAM

A few days ago it was reported that Donal Logue from Sons of Anarchy was offered the role of Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming Batman-inspired TV series, Gotham. Logue quickly denied that he was offered the part. Latino-Review admitted they made a mistake due to some confusion, but they are back with an update on the story saying that Logue was actually offered the role of Detective Harvey Bullock in the series, which is an even better fit part for the actor! 

Here's the update from Latino-Review's Elmayimbe:

FANBOY NATION! I have an update on the Donal Logue/Gotham story. I was wrong. My bad. He actually got offered DET HARVEY BULLOCK.

There was then a little Twitter conversation between Elmayimbe and Logue, and this time, Logue doesn't deny it.

.@donallogue Hey. My bad. Sorry for the confusion. Looking forward to you hopefully playing Det. Harvey Bullock. That would be dope!

@elmayimbe ha! No problem. It's only bad if they ain't talking about you

In the series Bullock will be in his 40s and will act as Gordon's mentor. So there you have it! If Logue accepts the offer, it would be amazing! I hope it happens.