DONALD GLOVER Is Spider-Man/Miles Morales in Animated ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN

Donald Glover was a controversial fanboy pick to play Spider-Man, with the role ultimately going to Andrew Garfield. One day we’ll get a Miles Morales centered Spider-Man movie. I’m guessing it’s after Sony realizes people don’t want yet another Spider-Man origin story with Peter Parker. Glover finally gets his chance at being Spider-Man in the animated Ultimate Spider-Man.

USA Today (via io9) reports,

The cartoon Miles is very close to the comic-book version: The 13-year-old is still getting used to being a superhero when he meets the dimension-hopping Peter (Drake Bell), who's trying to stop his old nemesis the Green Goblin from collecting the DNA of various Spider-Men — from Spider-Man Noir to the porcine hero Spider-Ham— for nefarious reasons.
It's an emotional moment for Miles, though, because in his world, Peter is dead.

I haven’t watched the show before. If it’s worth checking out, let me know in the comments.

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