Don't Drunk Text a DOCTOR WHO Fan

Few things are more annoying than getting a drunk text from a stranger in the middle of the night. They are thankfully rare and are usually best ignored. But if you’re bored and feel like messing with a poor, witless drunkard, this might be a fun thing to do. A Doctor Who fan received a mis-sent text that said, “tortyly drunk riht now. straight men everhwere.” Clearly, this was someone who needed to be messed with. Her friend posted screen grabs of the resulting conversation on tckld, and it is hilarious. Doctor Who fans will find one side of the conversation familiar. Even if you aren't a Doctor Who fan, this is pretty funny.

I like to think that guy woke up hungover in a cemetery with no idea how he got there.

P.S. Yes, I know that it is possible to fake text conversations. I don't care. Real or not, this is amazing.

Thanks to GeekxGirls for the tip.