Don't Expect a G.I. JOE and TRANSFORMERS Crossover Movie Anytime Soon

Paramount Pictures has done an ok job with bringing the Transformers to life on the big screen, but they've dropped the ball on G.I. Joe, twice. I don't know what's so difficult for them about getting G.I. Joe right, but they keep making crappy films, and that's what I'm expecting from the third one. 

I always did think that it would be cool to see the world of Transformers and G.I. Joe collide on the big screen. Marvel did it the comics and it was pretty awesome. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like a movie crossover like that will ever happen. In a recent interview with MTV, producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura is asked about the possibility, and this is what he said: 

"No, we haven't spent a moment on it. I know they did it in the comic books, but I think the reality that we're looking at's hard enough to figure out how to do it alone and [then] trying to figure out how to do it together...I don't think that it's as organic as people think. I know a lot of the fans feel that way and I don't think they're wrong. I find it a harder thing to do, think about trying to combine the schedules of all the different people. So, that alone will probably stop us."

So basically what he's saying there is that he's too lazy to try and make it happen. Oh well, maybe someone will at least try to give us an animated movie crossover of these two franchises one day.

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