Another rumor has surfaced about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The news originates from Bleeding Cool, who says there's a chance the villain Doomsday is going to be in the movie. Just in case you need a reminder of who Doomsday is, he is the crazy creature who killed Superman. The death just didn't take because Superman came back to life shortly after. Unfortunately, it wasn't as a super zombie. 

The site says that they have "rather reliable" sources who have seen Batman v Superman designs for the character of Doomsday. The report does say, though, that "much can change in the production process. This may be used purely for flashback purposes on the screen, looking at the life (and death) of Superman. It may be purely for promotional efforts to accompany the film. Or it may not make it to the final cut."

It seems like there are so many characters being packed into this film already. I kind of hope all of these rumors about which characters are involved with the movie aren't true, because it sounds like it could be ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, Doomsday would be a great villain to see in a movie! But maybe they should save him for a later film where they could put more of a focus on just him and Superman. That's just my two cents. I guess there's always a chance he could be included in the post credits sequence. 

Preview art by Tony Parker and BlondTheColorist

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