DOWN THE HOLE! is a Well Thought Out and Designed D&D Adventure for Beginning Groups

Down the Hole! is an unofficial adventure from The Orchives for Dungeons & Dragons. It is designed for an adventuring party of first to second level, so it’s perfect for a group starting a new campaign. Except for one minor detail, I would even say that this is perfect for a first time DM too. It’s still fantastic for the first time DM, however, I do wish in the introduction it had been made clear that text in blue boxes was text to be read to the party. While this may be a given for many veterans, first time DMs may not know that.

I looked over the adventure and I really like it. It’s written and designed really well, and it may be a dungeon crawler, but it’s not just straight combat and wave after wave of monsters. There are a couple puzzles thrown in to give characters a chance to shine in other ways than getting that critical hit and one-shotting a giant spider.

Everything about Down the Hole! is well thought out and I would recommend this to anyone starting a new group or even wanting to try being a DM.

The trendy Orcs! Orcs! Orcs! tavern franchise has made it to Waterdeep, and opening night is tomorrow! The band is hired and the barrels are tapped, but there's a problem: the franchise owners (ex-adventurers and rather negligent parents) let their kids get a sneak peak of Undermountain™, where paying customers are meant to get a taste of a real dungeon delve—and they haven't come back. Can our heroes bring back the kids (or what's left of them) in time for dinner service?

Down The Hole! is a 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure for a party of 3–6 adventurers of 1st–2nd level by veteran DM Dave Mlodinoff. The adventure is framed as a classic dungeon crawl, and is designed to serve both as an introduction to D&D and the opening adventure in a campaign. First-time and long-time players alike will be challenged by the monsters, puzzles, and traps that await them… 

Down the Hole!

You can pick up Down the Hole! over on DMs Guild for a mere $2.95.

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