DRAGON AGE INQUISITION Cassandra Cosplay by Dark Incognito

As I start my second playthrough of Dragon Age Inquisition, I am immediately reminded of how much I missed Cassandra. By far my favorite character in the game, she is one of the fiercest warriors in Thedas, yet at the same time probably the most loyal to you and your cause. Cosplayer Dark Incognito and photographer Alexandra Kaminskaya have recreated her perfectly in this beautiful set of photos. The armor is flush with detail, as is the representation of Cassandra's trademark braid and scar. The backdrop is stunning, and I love the faint trace of what looks like Darkspawn in the background of the photo above. If you'd like to see more of their work, you can see Dark Incognito's here and Alexandra Kaminskaya's here.

Can't wait to see more.

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